A Roadmap for GenAI Success: How to Take a Multifaceted Approach to Upskilling Your Entire Organization

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Organizations and their leaders need to be ready for the opportunities generative AI offers. Those who can prepare themselves and their employees to catch the GenAI wave will be better positioned to integrate it into the flow of work, their everyday tasks, and the products they are creating — so they don’t fall behind their competitors.

To take advantage of the significant investment many companies are making in GenAI, many — if not all — employees will need new skills, and they will need them soon. Organizational leaders need a guide for how to strategically approach upskilling their teams in the right ways to be best prepared for the benefits that this revolutionary technology can bring. 

Through our work with more than 15,000 enterprise customers around the globe, Udemy has identified an effective multifaceted approach for developing GenAI skills organization-wide.  In this ebook, we present a roadmap for GenAI success, so that all employees within the organization can acquire critical GenAI skills to enable them according to their function. This includes:

  • Empowering leaders for the future who understand how to lead their organizations through GenAI transformation
  • Ensuring the acquisition of foundational GenAI skills for all employees
  • Tailoring technical GenAI upskilling for specific functional areas or audiences within the business
  • Realizing productivity gains across functions as a result of GenAI upskilling
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