A Guide to Leading GenAI Initiatives: Best Practices for Technology Transformation

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The GenAI revolution is the most important technological change of our time. At its base, this makes it a leadership challenge. GenAI, and any transformative technological change, requires creating a new system, new ways of working, new skills, and a culture that supports developing and deploying those skills.

Using some essential best practices, leaders can guide their teams through GenAI initiatives with better results, such as productivity gains for all employees and more positive employee sentiment regarding both leadership and GenAI. The stakes are high. Companies and employees need to catch the GenAI wave now, in the early days of this revolutionary technology, so they are ready for future change as it develops and other new technologies emerge.

This ebook will help you identify and develop best practices to get and keep your GenAI initiatives on track, particularly in the key areas where leaders are underperforming.

Our ebook will help leaders focus on these best practices:

  • Mastering the technology and the content to build confidence and demonstrate readiness
  • Understanding the risks and ethical challenges of broad GenAI implementation
  • Communicating effectively to lead change by sharing the vision, calming fears, and engaging employees

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