Making a Business Case for an Integrated Learning Solution

Udemy Business Case for Integrated Learning Solution ebook

Workplace learning isn’t just a “nice to have” perk for employees. It’s a critical piece of the employee experience, boosting worker engagement and retention. It’s also an important element of overall organizational strategy that can have a major impact on your business’s success. 

But for leaders who want budget and buy-in for a learning solution — especially in the current environment of economic uncertainty — a solid business case is essential to convince executives that learning programs are a critical investment.

Making a business case provides an opportunity to highlight the importance of workplace learning programs as a way to safeguard your company’s competitive edge. Without workforce-wide learning, companies will struggle to stay innovative and attract and retain top talent. 

Download this ebook to learn the key elements to include when drafting a business case for a learning program. Increase your chances of success, through resources like:

  • How to understand the current business challenges your organization is facing
  • How to outline the positive outcomes learning can have to counteract these challenges
  • How to present your business case for investing in learning programs to stakeholders
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