Building the business case for learning

A 5-step process to get your
stakeholders on board

It’s traditionally been challenging to demonstrate the ROI of learning, especially in ways that make sense to CEOs and executives. In fact, only 33% of business leaders think the L&D function impacts business outcomes, according to the CEB.

How can L&D professionals build a strong business case for learning and win over key business leaders?

5 steps to build the business case for learning

In this guide, you’ll walk away with:

  • A 5-step process to implement a campaign to sell learning to executives, managers, and other key stakeholders
  • Tips from HR and L&D leaders who have successfully made the business case for learning.
  • Case examples of how HR and L&D leaders have proven the ROI of learning at their organizations.
  • A checklist to begin using this 5-step process at your organization
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