Training Savings Calculator

The key components that help us make the business case for learning are what we refer to as The ROI of Learning Framework. The first component of this framework brings us back to the basics - understanding cost savings.

As companies go through a digital transformation, see how much you can potentially save your company through an online learning solution like Udemy for Business versus a traditional instructor-led learning program.

Number of employees

you expect to train

Program Training Cost

per employee — current or anticipated instructor led training program cost

Average number of days

employees travel per year for instructor led training programs

If no amount is inputted, we will use an estimated average cost per person based off of an aggregate of instructor-led program costs (e.g. in-person boot camps, workshops, etc.). Travel logistic costs are accounted for in the next input.


Training Cost Savings

saved per year



Training Cost Savings: # of employees multiplied by your in-person training costs + additional travel/logistical variables subtracted by the average Udemy for Business cost for the same # of employees.

If no airfare is involved in sending your employees to a training site, you can remove $600 of cost savings for every employee you plan to train from your cost savings result. If no airfare is required for the instructor to travel to your location to deliver the training, you may take out a 1-time $600 cost.

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Malwarebytes builds a culture of learning and drives innovation through Udemy for Business. Their QA team learned Python in 30 days - 5 months ahead of schedule, and saved the company $25K by taking the courses on Udemy on Business instead of going to off-site training.

"As a result of using Udemy for Business, team productivity and efficiency significantly improved as engineers completed their Python training 6-8 months ahead of schedule."

- Brent Boeckman, Global Learning and Development

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