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Whether it’s centralizing learning management or integrating with existing systems to drive more impactful learning, we empower customers with a range of integrations. Leverage our partnerships to achieve your learning objectives, faster.

Take your learning initiatives further

Udemy Business API’s

Connect with your existing learning management system or intranet for automated course sync so you can create your own course search and discovery experience.

Retrieve employee learning activity to track enrollments, course progress, video consumption, and quiz results to tie data back to your business outcomes. 

Get learning into the hands of employees faster and simplify employee access — safely and securely. 

Udemy Business Technology Partners

Udemy Business Global Partners

We leverage Udemy Business courses on IT topics like DevOps, Information Management, Java, .NET, Agile, as well as leadership skills like communication and public speaking. These courses are a core part of our Dojo program to help our employees be successful in their roles and clearly identify what they need to do to qualify for a promotion and continue to grow at BMC.”
Doug Redfield
Director of Data Architecture

We’re your strategic learning partner to help move skills forward