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Engagedly & Udemy Business Integration

About Engagedly

Engagedly is an award-winning, performance management software built for the future of work. We combine the power of business strategy execution, talent enablement, and employee engagement into one easy-to-use software solution. Engagedly’s Agile LMS offers learning content focused on developing competencies and skills.

How it works:

About integration

With the Udemy Business and Engagedly integration, companies can elevate their workforce through learning, and thrive in a challenging business landscape. Enable your employees to discover Udemy Business courses in Engagedly, and let them learn exactly what they need, right when they need it.

Integration Capabilities:
• Course Sync

Key benefits:

Strategic Centralization: Engagedly indexes the entire UB catalog for curating & assigning strategic upskilling initiatives

Dynamic Content Syncing: Engagedly updates UB content on an automated daily schedule to ensure learners are accessing the freshest content available

Intuitive Navigation: search in Engagedly & discover UB content for easy on-the-go learning


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