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Enocta & Udemy Business Integration

About Enocta LMS

Enocta offers organizations a modern and comprehensive e-learning platform. With a scalable infrastructure and user-friendly interface, Enocta accompanies you on your journey to complete mandatory training or acquire new skills. It combines processes such as content creation, training delivery and measuring the impact of your learning experience on business results on a single platform. In this way, you can ensure the continuous development of your employees and make learning a fundamental part of your corporate culture.

It focuses on skill acquisition for your individual and corporate goals. While supporting your employees' career goals with our personalized learning programs, we ensure that your organization has a future-ready workforce. Enocta's mission is to empower the learning journeys of organizations and individuals with innovative e-learning solutions. Enocta aims to offer you the most convenient learning experience anywhere, anytime and prepare you for the future.

How it works:

About integration

The integration between Enocta and Udemy brings forth a synergistic partnership, enhancing the value proposition for both entities and their end-users. For Enocta, the incorporation of Udemy's extensive course library not only broadens its offering but also elevates user satisfaction by providing a one-stop solution for diverse learning needs. This collaboration offers tangible advantages to our shared customer base by delivering an enriched array of course options, simplifying the course search and comparison process, and ultimately fostering a more comprehensive learning environment. Through this partnership, Enocta and Udemy collectively enhance their market standing while significantly enriching the user experience, exemplifying a model of mutual growth and customer-centric innovation.

Integration Capabilities:
• Course Sync
• Completion & Progress Reporting Sync (Daily)

Key benefits:

Strategic Centralization: Enocta indexes the entire Udemy Business (UB) catalog for curating & assigning strategic upskilling initiatives

Dynamic Content Syncing: Enocta updates UB courses on an automated daily schedule to ensure learners are accessing the freshest content available

Skill Progress Monitoring: Enocta refreshes UB course progression & completion daily for centralized tracking & reporting

Intuitive Navigation: search in & discover UB content in Enocta for easy, on-the-go learning (including the Enocta mobile app)

Secure Single Sign-On (SSO) Access: use the same SAML 2.0 SSO as Enocta to automate user management and provide a seamless user experience


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