Upskilling thousands of technical employees at Synechron while optimizing billable hours

For Synechron, deploying cutting-edge digital technology is at the core of the company’s purpose. That’s because the world’s top banks, asset managers, and insurance companies partner with the 20-year-old financial services consulting organization to lead their digital transformation.

To ensure their clients keep up with the constant technological changes, Synechron needs to make sure their 8,000+ employees’ skills are up-to-date. Senior Manager of HR Development Varun Patil oversees learning and development throughout the organization.

Challenge: Keep employees’ technical skills ahead of the evolutionary curve

“We want to be the best organization in terms of the quality and reliability of the delivery of our services to clients, which includes recommending and implementing technology infrastructure and digital solutions,” Varun explains. This lofty goal put a lot of responsibility on the training team to continue but also enhance our L&D program. “We have to continuously upskill our resources or risk falling behind and having our talent’s skills become outdated.”

In-person training could help fill some of Synechron’s needs, but Varun knew that it wasn’t scalable. To keep multiple teams of global technical talent up to date and their skill sets refreshed, he would need a blended learning solution that could span the globe.

Solution: Keep employees’ technical skills ahead of the evolutionary curve

“Synechron has always boasted that we are an agile organization. It’s in our DNA,” says Varun. “So it was important that we find a learning solution that matched our own agility and future-looking culture.”

Synechron considered several L&D solutions. But after carefully evaluating Coursera, Pluralsight, and Udemy Business, the choice was clear. One of Synechron’s first areas of focus? Keeping technical employees upskilled while minimizing their time away from client work and billable hours.

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