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AKKA Powering High Performers Through Udemy Business

Udemy Business is a fundamental part of the AKKAdemy, a vigorous 13-month training program designed to help AKKA employees become better technical consultants and business managers.

In the following video, AKKA employees share their experience utilizing Udemy Business to upskill and keep their skills up to date. From technical content, Python, R, Tableau, NodeJS, to soft skills like presentation, communication, etc., continual learning is essential to their professional growth at AKKA

To stay at the forefront of innovation the AKKA Group invests in a robust learning and development program to ensure consultants stay up to speed with the latest skills. Not only is AKKA focused on developing existing talent, but it has also created the AKKAdemy – a program designed to help new graduates become consultants and business managers in the digital IT and engineering space.

During the 13-month AKKAdemy learning program, Thibaut Yven, Head of Learning at the AKKAdemy, utilizes Udemy Business content to boost their blended learning strategy. “We wanted to enrich the technical and soft skills learning experience for consultants and business managers and therefore, needed an offering that met the high demands of our program”.

Supplying the learning needs of a fast-paced training program

Thibaut soon realized that consultants and business manager trainees required more training than the traditional, custom, internally-led sessions currently being provided. To make this happen, he needed a learning partner that not only supplemented the learning needs of consultants throughout the entire program but one that had a full range of content to enhance the value of the AKKAdemy.

After piloting Udemy Business – recommended by a colleague who had taken courses on Udemy.com – he immediately received positive results. “We had great feedback from learners. They appreciated the quality of the content and our commitment to adding more useful courses to the AKKAdemy that they could apply to their role every day.”

Cultivating a global mindset through soft skills

Udemy Business has been instrumental in growing not only the technical proficiencies of the consultants but key business skills as well. By having a well-rounded collection of content from Udemy Business, the AKKAdemy leverages soft skill courses on topics such as presentation techniques, cross-team communication, project management, emotional intelligence and more. Thibaut believes that “all of these courses are critical to their consulting and business management success”.

In addition, members of the AKKAdemy come from diverse backgrounds from across Europe. By strengthening their business acumen, it breaks down barriers and opens the lines of collaboration across multi-culture backgrounds. “The skills we’re learning improve our agility and flexibility and help us work better together as an international group,” says Thibaut.

Developing successful consultants through learning

After AKKAdemy recruits finish their 13-month long learning program, they are recruited across offices in Europe for their technological expertise. “As the new wave of recruits joins the AKKAdemy, we continue to use our L&D efforts and Udemy Business to attract talent from across Europe. This type of program will continue to grab the attention of talented professionals.”

As the AKKAdemy continues to enhance the technical and business acumen of new consultants, Udemy Business is their chosen strategic learning partner. Working together, they can ensure recruits to the AKKAdemy have the latest and most critical skills needed to thrive in tomorrow’s world.

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