The Quantified Value of Udemy Business

The ROI of investing in learning solutions

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Workplace learning isn’t just a perk or a “nice to have”: It is a business imperative. Effective learning solutions are connected to critical business outcomes, such as reducing overhead costs, increasing productivity, driving revenue, and promoting business continuity. When organizations can demonstrate the ROI of their learning programs, they can secure budget and support, while also providing a lever for growth.

We partnered with International Data Corporation (IDC), an independent third party, on a study to demonstrate learning ROI and the value and benefits for organizations when employees take courses from UB.

Based on anonymized interviews with UB customers, IDC found the following:

  • $22.5 million average revenue gain per year/organization
  • $1.03 million average savings in hiring costs per year/organization
  • 27% higher productivity for employees who upskill with Udemy Business
  • Benefits worth almost 7 times their investment cost, or an average 3-year ROI of 592%