Leading Up

Making Your Own Seat at the Table

Featuring Yvell Stanford, Talent and Learning Lead, New York Metropolitan Transit Authority


Yvell Stanford, Talent and Learning Lead at the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority, is a lifelong teacher and learner. So when she found herself outside of academia for the first time, she decided to use her talents and drive to create her own position, making her responsible for the professional development of over 70,000 employees of the MTA. In her role, she’s forged new ground, creating a job pipeline at the MTA for students in New York City’s public university system.

Whether you’re an early career employee in need of a confidence boost or a seasoned leader looking to bring stakeholders together to make common cause, Yvell’s advice and story will inspire you to lead with more passion.

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Meet our guest

Yvell Stanford

Executive Vice President of Human Capital, The Conference Board

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