Leadership Skills For Success: Pro Tips From McLaren Racing

Ian James

Managing Director McLaren Electric Racing & Team Principal NEOM McLaren Formula E & Extreme E Teams at McLaren Racing

Genefa Murphy

Chief Marketing Officer at Udemy

Hear how leaders at McLaren Racing push the boundaries!

Ian James, Managing Director of McLaren Electric Racing, joined us to share how McLaren Racing develops high-performing leaders who consistently push boundaries and achieve excellence. Listen in to see how you can apply these practices with your team.

[BONUS] You’ll also get a sneak peek at key strategies from their soon-to-be-released Udemy course, “Accelerating Excellence: Unleashing High-Performance Culture with McLaren Racing.”

Watch this webinar to:

  • How a McLaren expert fuels collaboration, innovation, and success
  • Practical tips and techniques you can apply to develop your own leadership skills and drive performance within your team
  • How some motorsport principles can benefit all organizations, such as high-pressure decision-making and the importance of marginal gains

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