Accelerate Technical Growth: The Tech Leader’s Guide to Hands-On Learning

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A company’s long-term success depends on the skills of its workforce, especially for employees with roles that interact with fast-changing technologies like IT operations, engineering, and web development. Providing a technical workforce with the skills required to innovate is among a company’s biggest growth opportunities.

Studies reveal that a staggering 70% of employees’ knowledge* comes from hands-on experience. Doing instead of memorizing helps employees think critically, apply skills in new ways, and learn from mistakes as they happen. Investing in experience-based project learning ensures technical teams acquire the skills needed to solve tomorrow’s problems. 

In this ebook, you’ll discover what to prioritize when building effective hands-on learning projects. This includes projects that:

  • Simulate real-world scenarios
  • Develop critical thinking by doing
  • Offer safe spaces to experiment
  • Feature guidance tailored to the learner’s experience level
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