The Art and Science of Content Curation

In our era of rapid change, many L&D teams are shifting from content creation to content curation to provide agile learning at scale. But how can L&D leaders enable their teams and other key stakeholders to curate content effectively?

L&D leaders at Cisco share how they created a content curation strategy and enablement training program at their organization. 

In this webinar, Cisco’s Curation Leads will highlight:

  • How their content curation strategy fits into their wider learning & development strategy
  • Cisco’s two-phased top-down and bottom-up grassroots approach to content curation
  • Curation best practices, governance, and enablement training for their L&D team and key stakeholders
  • Tips on how to build and curate an effective learning pathway that resonates with learners
  • Metrics for tracking learning outcomes & success of your content curation strategy

Featured Speakers

[panel name=”Cindy Kilmer Skhiri” title=”Senior Consultant and Curation Lead at Cisco” image=”/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/cindy-kilmer-skhiri.png” logo=””]

[panel name=”Graham Durrant” title=”Senior Consultant and Curation Lead at Cisco” image=”/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/graham-durrant-circle.png” logo=””]

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