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THRIVE & Udemy Business Integration


THRIVE is the industry's fastest-growing learning technology company headquartered in Nottinghamshire, in the UK countryside, and with locations around the world from Brighton,UK to Boston,USA to Bondi Beach, Australia. In 2018, THRIVE decided to rewrite the rule book. Doing things differently is in THRIVE’S DNA, and THRIVE seized an opportunity to build a truly modern learning experience from scratch.

Fast-forward to today, THRIVE has replaced hundreds of traditional learning management system (LMS) platforms with their Learning & Skills Platform and their customer base has grown to 300+ global brands including Vita Coco, Mclaren, Sky, Travis Perkins, and Sysco. THRIVE continues to deliver the industry's best customer experience from service learning agreement-smashing support to show-stopping events.

How it works:

About integration

The Udemy Business and THRIVE integration tracks completion records in THRIVE, so Udemy Business customers don't have to manually add a log when completed. The integration also allows customers to link content and build it into new and existing pathways as well as automatically curate new content based on the criteria and topics they set.

Customers are able to select which category and sub-category of content to bring in, decide what tags to add, which audience to share it with, and push it out directly within THRIVE. If Udemy Business updates or adds new content that matches the same criteria, it will automatically be brought in or updated through automatic syncing.

Integration Capabilities:
• Course Sync
• Reporting Sync - Course Completions (real time)

Key benefits:

Strategic Centralization: THRIVE indexes the entire Udemy Business (UB) catalog for curating & assigning strategic upskilling initiatives

Dynamic Content Syncing: THRIVE updates UB courses on an automated daily schedule to ensure learners are accessing the freshest content available

Skill Progress Monitoring: THRIVE refreshes UB course completion in near real time for centralized tracking & reporting

Actionable Insights: managers view team insights while executives access organizational insights for supporting skill development across the business

Intuitive Navigation: search in THRIVE & discover UB content for easy, on-the-go learning (including the THRIVE mobile app)


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