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Schoox & Udemy Business Integration

About Schoox

Schoox is workplace learning software with a people-first twist. By making learning easy, accessible, rewarding, and fun, we help you get everyone more excited about their career development. Learners can “up” their skills, grow on the job, and get more done—and you can measure the impact of their awesome accomplishments.

How it works:

About integration

Schoox customers that are using Udemy Business as a content provider can now integrate the two systems. Once configured, this integration allows learners to access a larger library of content and launch those courses seamlessly from Schoox. Training managers will be able to assign and track Udemy courses from one centralized learning platform alongside content from any other source.

Integration Capabilities:
• Course Sync
• Reporting Sync - Course Progress & Completions (Daily)

Key benefits:

Strategic Centralization: Schoox indexes the entire Udemy Business (UB) catalog for curating & assigning strategic upskilling initiatives

Dynamic Content Syncing: Schoox updates UB courses on an automated daily schedule to ensure learners are accessing the freshest content available

Skill Progress Monitoring: Schoox refreshes UB course progression & completion daily for centralized tracking & reporting

Actionable Insights: managers can view team insights while executives access organizational insights to support skill development across the business

Intuitive Navigation: search in & discover UB content in Schoox for easy, on-the-go learning (including the Schoox mobile app)

Secure Single Sign-On (SSO) Access: use the same SAML 2.0 SSO as Schoox to automate user management and provide a seamless user experience


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