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Rise Up & Udemy Business Integration

About Rise Up

Rise Up learning solution makes sure to deliver the right content at the right time - and make that content accessible in the right places, whatever the material, context and needs. By providing a tailored customer service and relevant experiences at the point of need, Rise Up helps organizations and their teams to be up-to-skill faster and build a competitive advantage.

How it works:

About integration

With the Rise Up and Udemy Business integration, Udemy courses and Learning Paths are synchronized to Rise Up to allow administrators to register users to these path via Rise Up. Learners can access all their learning materials in a centralized platform, and admins can track course progress and completions in Rise Up.

Integration Capabilities:
• Course Sync
• Learning Path Sync
• Completion & Progress Reporting Sync (Daily)

Key benefits:

Strategic Centralization: Rise Up indexes the entire Udemy Business (UB) catalog for curating & assigning strategic upskilling initiatives

Dynamic Content Syncing: Rise Up updates UB courses on an automated daily schedule to ensure learners are accessing the freshest content available

Skill Progress Monitoring: Rise Up refreshes UB course progression & completion daily for centralized tracking & reporting

Intuitive Navigation: search in & discover UB content in Rise Up for easy, on-the-go learning (including the imc mobile app)

Secure Single Sign-On (SSO) Access: use the same SAML 2.0 SSO as Rise Up to automate user management and provide a seamless user experience

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