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Check out the new course, Unleashing High-Performance Culture with McLaren Racing, now available!


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Racing meets learning & skills:
a first-of-its-kind partnership

We’re thrilled to unveil a ground-breaking partnership that merges the lanes of world-class racing and global skills. Udemy and the McLaren Racing family come together, fuelling a shared mission of high performance and high purpose.

McLaren X Udemy Partnership

High performance. High purpose.

Together, Udemy and McLaren are set to redefine the frontiers of learning, skills and racing. Be part of this unique journey, where every lap is a lesson, and every course is a step closer to the finish line.

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Leading Up Podcast: Leadership Lessons from McLaren Racing

Guest Ian James, Managing Director of McLaren Electric Racing, shares valuable information on building a strong team culture, the power of continuous learning, and McLaren’s approach to success. Listen in to see how you can apply these skills with your team.

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New Course: Creating a High-Performance Culture

Created by three senior executives at McLaren Racing, this course equips leaders with tools & strategies to make better decisions, continuously improve, prioritize well-being, and leverage diversity to achieve and sustain peak team performance at your company.

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Free Course: McLaren Racing 101

Join us to explore the rich history of the McLaren Racing family, from its early beginnings to championship triumphs and some of its roadblocks along the way. Crafted with insights from the legends of the track and presented by McLaren and Udemy.

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