Learning Paths for Business Professionals

GenAI Skills for Marketing Professionals

This learning path is designed for marketing professionals to harness AI for audience targeting, data-driven content creation, SEO mastery, GenAI-powered market research, and more.


Audience research and analysis

Data-driven content creation

SEO mastery

Strategic marketing campaigns

Lead generation and conversion

Video creation and editing

Market research and data analysis




~9 hours (2/12/24)

Learning objectives:

  • Use GenAI-powered audience research to understand your ideal customers and attract the right audience.
  • Enhance content marketing strategies, including writing blog posts and emails that are optimized for SEO.
  • Learn how to attract more leads and optimize lead nurturing and conversion.
  • Apply GenAI-powered video creation techniques.
  • Understand how to use GenAI to conduct market research to find deeper insights, predict trends, outsmart competition, and make data-driven decisions.

Target audience:

This learning path is designed for marketing professionals who want to explore AI in marketing, upskill, and stay updated with the latest AI advancements in the field.

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