The Udemy Learning Excellence Awards

Udemy is proud to kick-off the first annual Learning Excellence Awards to recognize organizations or individuals with outstanding achievements in four key categories that epitomize the evolution and innovation within the realm of learning and development.

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Leveraging Technology and AI

This category celebrates organizations and individuals that demonstrate a commitment to embracing learning technology and innovation. This includes an agile response to change, integrating new AI tools when relevant, and adopting a skills-focused approach to learning and development. Moreover, nominees showcase their ability to rethink learning delivery for various environments, including hybrid settings.

Metrics That Matter

Udemy acknowledges initiatives that effectively link learning strategy with business objectives from inception. Successful nominees demonstrate tangible outcomes such as reduced costs, heightened productivity, increased revenue, improved employee retention and experience, and steadfast support for business continuity.

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Leading with Learning Science

We honor those that prioritize the integration of learning into the workflow, engaging learners through micro-learning, and crafting personalized learning experiences. By leveraging principles of learning science, these entities create impactful and sustainable learning programs.

Integrated Systems Learning

We recognize organizations and individuals that define and instill clear behaviors and skills across their workforce. Nominees establish robust talent technologies that reinforce these behaviors, align learning strategy with business imperatives and organizational culture, and foster a cohesive learning environment with a common language and approach throughout the organization.

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The Learning Excellence Award

The Learning Excellence award will recognize those who encompass all of these categories–leveraging the power of possibility with Udemy to evolve and innovate within the realm of learning and development. This award will be decided upon by our judging panel, based on submissions received.

Award FAQs


Be a current Udemy customer with a live solution – it doesn’t have to be fully deployed but must be in production and starting to ramp so it can show practical ROI.

Have a compelling story, e.g., adopting a skills-focused approach, leveraging AI, or showing high employee retention.

Agree to the use of company name and logo in Udemy social and digital channels, in accordance with Udemy branding guidelines.

Agree to a written case study and/or a customer video success story if you are selected as a winner.

Agree to be mentioned in a press release announcing the winners.


Your entry will automatically be considered for the Overall Learning Excellence Award, and it may also be nominated by the entering company for one or more Category awards.

Judges’ decisions about Category awards will be made solely based on their review of submitted entry material; no briefings will be held to determine Category awards.

To be considered for nomination, all entry form information must be received no later than August 9, 2024. Please note that this deadline will not be extended. Any submissions received after 5 p.m. PT on August 9, 2024 will not be extended – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Questions? Please contact Stephanie Wisdom, Sr. Director, Customer and Content Marketing at [email protected]