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Here’s what the Leadership Academy can do for your organization

  • Provide leaders a consistent approach to developing and coaching great talent no matter where employees work
  • Teach leaders how to build trusting, and inclusive teams that create a positive employee experience
  • Develop the leadership skills necessary to foster strong and loyal employee relationships across hybrid teams

A multi-modal approach

Leaders learn in many ways throughout the program for increased engagement,
efficiency, and impact.

Asynchronous learning with self-paced micro-learning modules are easy to complete and apply.

Discussion forums foster community with peers, experts, and moderators.

Breakout groups promote team building and collective problem solving.

Live, virtual sessions allow for deep-dive discussions into topic areas based on learners’ interests.

Level up your leadership training

The material covered at our Udemy driven Cohort Learning was valuable, well-presented, and timely for my team and, in my opinion, the larger organization. An overwhelmingly positive experience.
Dr. Joshua Mackey
Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

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