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Dynamic online training prepares your team to meet mission-critical objectives and tackle tomorrow’s federal workforce challenges.

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Give your team the technical and soft skills they need to keep up with your evolving technology and processes. Udemy for Business offers courses on crucial topics like IT, data analytics, cybersecurity, and leadership that prepare your team for what’s next and fulfill agency-specific requirements, from technical skills to supervisor training.

Information Security in support of FISMA

Udemy’s robust collection of information security courses can support annual FISMA-mandated role-based training requirements.

Information Assurance in support of DOD 8570/8140

Our information security course offerings align well to the certifications associated with this framework.

Cybersecurity aligned with National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE)

Udemy cybersecurity content matches the technical specialty areas of this DHS- and Navy-developed framework.

Soft-Skill Competencies for maintaining the CEUs required for FAI Certification

We offer course content that supports FAI’s soft-skill competency models for Contractors, Contracting Officer Representatives, and Program/Project Managers.

Leadership Competencies for OPM ECQs

Udemy courses can bridge the employee competency gaps identified by the Executive Core Qualifications model.

Supervisor Training in support of CFR 412

Our leadership courses coordinate with the competency framework laid out in this federally required training initiative.

Data Analytics in support of the Federal Data Strategy Action Plan

Our courses help learners of all expertise levels fulfill the data analytics training requirement, with topics ranging from Microsoft Excel to Python.

Solve your organization's diverse learning needs with a wide range of high-quality courses on topics that are critical to federal agencies, from infosec to interpersonal skills. Our marketplace model lets us consistently offer fresh, relevant courses faster than a traditional publisher, making it hard for competitors to match the depth and breadth of our offerings.

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The Air Force advances digital skills with Udemy.

“ We are already seeing impressive results as Airmen gain the necessary skills to meet our digital modernization and growth needs. ”

—MSgt James "Guideaux" Crocker, United States Air Force

Boost cloud skills across AWS, Google, and Azure

Expand your team's security depth with courses on CISSP, PCI compliance, and OWASP security guidelines

Develop machine learning and AI expertise in-house

Equip your team with certification prep courses and practice tests

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From cloud computing basics to advanced automation, Udemy for Business can provide your organization with the knowledge and confidence necessary to evolve, thrive and stay competitive.

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Set your team on the road to success

Learning Paths allow you to combine Udemy for Business courses with other resources—like your own materials, links to articles, or podcasts—to create a holistic learning experience customized to your team's goals.

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