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Using Data Analytics to Improve Decision Making

Initial Steps to Utilizing the Power of Data

Firms need to enable strategies across their enterprise with data at the core. The data analytics captured will lead to faster and smarter decision making, augmented by critical, conceptual, and creative thinking. Leaders will improve how they diagnose problems, make better decisions, and take actions that improve business performance.

Organizations can start the journey to utilize the enormous power of data science by beginning to build competence in four areas:

  1. Treating data like a strategic business asset
  2. Asking the right questions in data analysis projects
  3. Improving data quality
  4. Shaping a data analytical culture

This course illustrates why data-driven decision making drives improved business performance. It outlines the importance of generating actionable insights from data using business-value questioning and high-quality data and also explains why it takes the combination of a data analytical culture and leadership support to facilitate better diagnoses, better decisions, and more beneficial actions.

This course features:

  • 30 minutes of formal learning a day
  • One 60-minute virtual live event
  • Moderator support of questions, comments, and group engagement
  • Data Analytics Toolkit
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Learners Will:

  • Practice developing actionable insights from data
  • Discuss the quality and availability of data across the organization, and make recommendations for improvement
  • Collaborate with senior-level colleagues to gain consensus on the need to transform the culture to capture the value of data-driven decision making

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Foster Provost

Professor, Information Systems and Andre Meyer Faculty Fellow at NYU Stern School of Business

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