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Supply Chain Metrics That Matter

Supply Chain Metrics That Matter guides learners to:

  • Explore the concept of the Supply Chain Effective Frontier
  • Identify those in the industry who are working towards their full potential—and how the learner’s organization can do the same
  • Research the supply chain metrics that matter in their industry
  • Assess their organization’s position on the Metrics Maturity Model, a measure of how aligned their metrics are to their corporate strategy
  • Collaborate with colleagues to identify how to achieve a balanced metrics portfolio at their organization, and rate the strongest recommendations in an Ideas Tournament

This course offers the opportunity to begin moving one’s organization towards its Supply Chain Effective Frontier. With 90% of companies finding themselves stuck, unable to progress on inventory turns or operating margin, this is a tremendous opportunity to move the learner’s organization ahead of the competition.

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Learners Will:

  • Explore the Supply Chain Effective Frontier, defined by the interrelationships of growth, profitability cycles, and complexity
  • Discover the leading organizations that have connected supply chain metrics to their business strategy
  • Understand the 5 phases most companies move through as they progress towards metrics maturity and identify where your organization has room to grow

Developed in Partnership With:


Lora Cecere

Founder of Supply Chain Insights and Industry Analyst at Gartner, AMR Research, and Altimeter Group

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