Succeeding Through Total Leadership

Learn to Pursue Leadership Excellence in All Domains of Your Life

Total Leadership is a proven method for producing sustainable change in all parts of life that can be learned and practiced by anyone interested in growing their leadership capacity. The method is informed by decades of research and application by Stew Friedman, bestselling author of Total Leadership.

As learners learn the basic concepts and tools, practice them, and take part in peer coaching about how to use them, they learn how to achieve four-way wins—measurably improved results at work, at home, in the community, and for themselves, by following these principles:

  • Be Real: Act with authenticity by clarifying what’s important
  • Be Whole: Act with integrity by respecting the whole person
  • Be Innovative: Act with creativity by continually experimenting

Total Leadership starts and ends with the developing leader as a person—not the business person, but the whole person. Through this field-tested program, people learn how to succeed in their careers in a way that enriches their lives and how to enrich their lives in a way that advances their careers.

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Learners Will:

  • Articulate core values and leadership vision
  • Identify their most important people and their mutual performance expectations
  • Design experiments to achieve four-way wins—small, smart steps toward a larger vision
  • Learn to bring others along in producing sustainable change

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Stew Friedman

Professor at The Wharton School and Founder of The Wharton Leadership Program and Work/Life Integration Project

Michelle Rajotte

Director of Client Services and Technology at Total Leadership

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