Modeling Your Future Business Program

Using the Business Model Canvas to Define, Refine, and Innovate

Business modeling is a way to experiment and test your hypothesis for creating and capturing value, while reducing risks. When managers consciously operate with deep understanding of how the entire business system works, they can make better decisions and gain critical feedback on whether or not the intended approach is working.

This program is designed to teach the key essentials of how to utilize the Business Model Canvas tool to effectively model and shape existing and future business models.

Throughout this program, learners will:

  • Establish a shared language to better discuss existing and new business models and value propositions
  • Learn how to design, test, and build new business models and value propositions in a systematic, efficient, and practical way
  • Align their team and organization around clear stories of how to create, deliver, and capture value

As they master tools of the Business Model Canvas, learners will:

  • Understand business models, value propositions, their components and their interdependencies.
  • Use key tools to describe, improve, and/or invent business models and value propositions.
  • Identify opportunities for enhancing or inventing business models and value propositions.
  • Communicate how business models and value propositions create value through better stories.
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Learners Will:

  • Create individual and collaborative business model canvasses
  • Discover how to test newly innovated business models for market viability
  • Use the Value Proposition Canvas to identify unmet customer needs

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Developed in partnership with:


  • Design Thinking


Alexander Osterwalder

Co-Inventor of the Business Model Canvas and Guest lecturer at Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, IESE, IMD and others

Yves Pigneur

Professor, Management and Information Systems, University of Lausanne

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