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Mastering Design Thinking

Using an Expanded Canvas to Address Business Challenges

Design Thinking has the potential to unleash people’s full creative energies. It shifts mindsets to the horizon of possibility, analyses toward a deeper focus on both customer and user needs, and methods toward testing, learning and iterating. It represents both a philosophy and a process for finding and evolving customer-oriented solutions that can propel growth or generate radically improved processes.

Design thinking is available to anyone who wishes to develop a new way of thinking, working and finding better answers to challenges. Design-centric companies tinker with ideas and iterate quickly on prototypes.They use customer journey maps and ethnographic research to explore the problem space and use prototypes to explore the solution space. When many leaders and teams become immersed in prototyping, testing and iterating on solutions, a new open-minded culture begins to emerge; a culture that values exploration and experimentation over rule following. This course Mastering Design Thinking helps leaders embrace Design Thinking as a discipline and practice, while nurturing an organization culture that doesn’t encourage failure, but recognizes that it’s rare to get things right the first time.

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Learners Will:

  • Assess their organization’s culture to discover barriers they’ll need to overcome in order to embrace Design Thinking as a new way of working
  • Use the parallel concepts of independent and group exploration to improve traditional brainstorming approaches to ideation
  • Apply Design Thinking methods to study customers, draw insights about customer needs and develop a point of view about required solutions

Developed in Partnership With:


Karl Ulrich

Vice Dean of Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

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