Pima County

Innovative Approach to Learning Saves Time and Tax Dollars in Pima County

Think of local government and you might not immediately think of efficiency and innovation. But Pima County, Arizona isn’t your typical local government.

Deputy IT Director Mark Hayes and Network Operation Center Manager Diego Arriola oversee training for Pima County’s 200-person IT organization. What do IT professionals at local government do? They support 8,000 employees in dozens of departments — everything from the library system to wastewater management facilities. And this requires the ability to quickly adapt to change and pick up new technical skills.

Challenge: Support employees’ immediate need for technical upskilling — and their future career goals

Mark’s primary goal is to help the IT professionals in his department update their skills. “We’re trying to increase our technical capacity. We’re adopting a lot of new technology and we’re trying to modernize.”

The way Mark sees it, learning goes beyond picking up technical skills. “We want people to do more than just write code or solve a problem with the desktop software. We want people to look around them and be aware of their circumstances and situations and think outside the box when solving problems.”

Upskilling his team doesn’t just serve the needs of Pima County, though. According to Mark, the investment is also beneficial to their careers. “We have a culture of learning and development here,” he says. Mark believes focusing on learning opportunities in the government setting is critical. “Nobody’s going to get rich working here. So we have to have other reasons for employees to want to stay.”

Solution: Amplify the team’s impact with a learning partner everyone already trusted

When Pima County employees had the option to choose their own learning solution, one name kept coming up again and again: Udemy. It was such a popular choice among Pima County employees that it made the decision to get Udemy Business easy. “It was a no-brainer,” says Mark.

When they started looking more closely at Udemy, Diego was impressed with the course content and ease of navigation. “There are so many courses that are only available on Udemy. And we liked the fact that there are multiple courses available for the different technologies and soft skills we’re looking at.”

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