NRT Technology

How NRT Technology started a successful DEI program using Udemy Business 


NRT Technology is a financial services company that provides secure payment solutions to casinos, race and sports operators, lotteries, banks, and retailers around the world, facilitating $20 billion in transactions annually. NRT had been a Udemy customer since 2018, when they launched their first Learning & Development initiative to expand training offerings from executives-only to the rest of the company, and by 2020, they had increased their licenses ten-fold. That same year, NRT identified the need to roll out a new DEI program, and they leveraged Udemy Business to build and launch it. “Diversity is a critical element to innovation and creativity. The gambling industry has been evolving from cash-based manual operations to digitalized guest experience. Being innovative is crucial for us to provide the best experience to our customers and stay competitive in this industry,” says Howard Wang, Head of Human Resources at NRT.  


With Udemy Business, the HR/L&D team led by Howard Wang, was able to create a strategy and action plan for DEI and secure buy-in from NRT’s leadership. Now, their DEI Committee has seven members, and they meet once a month. “Sometimes it’s hard even for HR to understand what DEI really means, and what the actionable items and measurements are. The courses helped me not just build a foundation and learn the terminology, but also create an engagement plan to keep the momentum going and raise awareness.” Increasingly often in today’s competitive hiring landscape, Howard explains, candidates and even customers ask about the company’s DEI efforts. In response, NRT started including DEI conversations in the onboarding process for new employees and in the continuing learning paths of their workforce. “In the past DEI was compliance driven and about what not to do or not to say. Now, we are focused on how we can support each other to create an inclusive environment.”   


In their latest employee survey, NRT discovered that 90% of their workforce is aware of the DEI program. Among other things, that means employees understand their role and responsibility in creating a safe, engaging environment for everyone. Since 2018, with Udemy NRT Technology has saved ​​$165,000 in enrolled courses had they been purchased separately online. In other areas, Udemy Business has had a remarkable impact too. “Our accounting team was able to automate processes and save time with what they learned from Excel courses they took. In the IT Operations team, individuals became certified in core cloud technology to help with the transition to a cloud-based environment. Overall, Udemy helped change the hiring manager’s mindset to give a chance to train candidates who don’t have direct experience in something.” 

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