ReCulturing: How To Build Successful Cultures Through Learning

It’s no secret that culture is key to attracting and engaging top talent. So why do the vast majority of cultural efforts fail as quickly as they started?

Udemy’s Chief Learning Officer, Melissa Daimler, explores that question in her new book ReCulturing. It’s the essential playbook for creating lasting cultural change that gets enthusiastic buy-in from employees—because they’re clear on the what, the how, and most importantly, the why of work. She also highlights learning as a key lever to building and sustaining great cultures (of course!)

In this webinar, Melissa shares firsthand her framework for building a great organizational culture, and making it stick through learning and evolving skills.

Those who watch this webinar can expect to discover:

  • How to embed behaviors into hiring, onboarding, talent managing, offboarding, strategizing, and decision making
  • How to integrate “why you work,” “what you do,” and “how you do it” into employee experience
  • How learning is part of our organizational system, and building skills help keep culture part of the everyday conversation and workflow.

Featured Speakers

Melissa Daimler

Chief Learning Officer, Udemy

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