Insights on Demand: Diving Into Data Science

With today’s rapid tech advances, it pays to keep your tech team’s skills up to date. Data science teams now include highly skilled roles, such as data and machine learning engineers. In the years to come, these roles will continue to grow in importance and will be crucial to organizations in order to sustain a competitive advantage in the workforce. But the skills they need to perform optimally continue to evolve. As a result, organizations will have to upskill at an accelerated rate. 

In our new video series, we sat down with three real-world experts, including two Udemy Business instructors, to gain their insights into this growing field, its importance within organizations, and what the future holds for it.

Featured Speakers

Mike X Cohen

Udemy Instructor and Neuroscientist, Udemy

Diogo Alves de Resende

Udemy Instructor and Data Science enthusiast, Udemy

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