Creating a Growth Mindset

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As disruptive technologies redefine business as we know it, organizations are adopting a growth mindset and continuous learning to keep their workforce up to speed with change.

But what does creating a growth mindset in the workplace really mean? How have organizations put this into practice in learning & development (L&D), particularly for technical teams on the frontlines of rapid technology change?

Hernan Chiosso, VP of Global Talent at ITX Corp–a full-lifecycle software product development company–and Dale Newcomb, Software Development Director at Appian Corporation–one of the top tech IPOs in 2017–share how they have implemented a growth mindset and continuous learning at their organizations. Mel Dolera, Director of Organization Transformation at [24]7.ai shares how her L&D team prepared her customer service firm for automation and helped reinvent their business.

In this webinar, you’ll walk away with:

  • Practical advice on how ITX, Appian, and [24]7.ai integrated a growth mindset in their L&D programs.
  • Successful programs at ITX, Appian, and [24]7.ai that promote continuous learning and prepare for the future of work.
  • How these programs moved the dial on key metrics from employee performance and engagement to retention and recruitment.
  • Useful tips on how to create a growth mindset and learning culture at your organization.


Hernan Chiosso

VP of Global Talent, ITX Corp

Dale Newcomb

Software Development Director, Appian Corporation



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