6 Steps To Integrating Work-Life Wellness in the Workplace

Burnout and work-related stress levels are rising in the current post-pandemic world. As trainers you have seen how stress and mental health issues often go unnoticed. This is because, in many cases, individuals hesitate to seek assistance due to embarrassment, fears of stigma, expectations that things will never improve, or the lack of an active employee wellness program within their organization. This webinar will discuss six simple and high-impact steps you can take to promote and integrate work-life wellness.

View this webinar presentation deck to:

  • Understand the current state of the global economy and how the situation is not unique to you.
  • Discover how to recognize when your levels of stress and burnout are rising.
  • Learn six powerful ways to improve your workplace wellness and how to incorporate them into your daily routines.

Also, check out our Manager Essentials: Preventing Employee Burnout ebook to learn exercises for helping employees — and managers — overcome burnout!

Featured Speakers

Ceci Mansilla

Udemy Instructor and Digital L&D Expert, Advancing Women in Tech (AWIT)

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