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Global Life Insurance Co. Upskills Developers to Stay Current and Agile with Udemy Business

Udemy thúc đẩy kết quả kinh doanh

Increased visibility into employees’ skills, interests, and learning
Adoption across 400-person developer team
Increase in required upskilling & reskilling in just 30 days

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As a core provider of a range of life insurance, investment, and protection products to customers across the United States — this Life Insurance Company helps them build the futures they want for themselves and their families. The company ranks in the top of Fortune 500’s largest United States corporations by revenue.

With a UX development team of just over 400 people, this respected Life Insurance Company sought to ensure its employees could rapidly upskill, and reskill, to keep pace with the ever changing project demands. The company already had an established enterprise learning platform, but its L&D team specifically requested the curated, high quality learning experiences only Udemy Business could provide.

Building and nurturing a mature, agile development team

As with all modern financial services organizations, the digital experience is vital to the organization’s customers. An almost 400-strong team of developers and analysts is responsible for creating, releasing, and maintaining digital products that support the company’s various lines of business. In charge of this team is 20-year veteran and experienced Head of IT Management for the organization.

“I have two primary goals in this business strategic role: to further our transformation as a mature, agile organization. And to ensure our people have the right learning tools to tackle upcoming challenges, build skills, and progress their careers,” shares the IT leader.

His role is tasked with identifying, supporting, and creating the resources and artifacts that would make it easy for the digital experience team to learn and ensuring that those tools were meaningfully adopted.

“As Head of IT, I ensure that if we were going to give our department bespoke learning arrangements, they must be available, used to their full extent, and enable our leadership group to see the value they were adding to the business,” notes the IT leader.

We needed to ensure that if we were going to give departments bespoke learning arrangements, they would be available, used to their full extent, and that our leadership group could see the value they were adding to the business.
Head of IT Management

A special request from experienced developers

In early 2021, the organization already had an enterprise learning program that allowed the company’s 11,000 employees to conduct self-guided learning in their own time. However, having sampled Udemy Business during a previous trial period, the digital experience department knew of the benefits it could bring to its tech-focused team of developers and analysts.

“We received very heavy feedback from our department specifically asking for learning licenses for our product owners, developments, and business analysts,” shares the IT leader. “They were desperate to access quality content experienced during their previous roles that leveraged Udemy Business.”

Well aware of the importance of L&D to organizational performance, the department invested its own budget on Udemy Business for the digital development team, and adoption —plus skilling impact— was both swift and immediate.

“Within two weeks, all licenses of Udemy Business were allocated,” notes the Head of IT. “In fact, we have so many of our IT professionals wanting to use Udemy, we have to ensure every license is being used. If not, we’ll pass it on to the next person in the queue.”

Developers who upskill at the pace of change

With Udemy Business, the Life Insurance Company has seen heavy adoption from the digital experience team, which has allowed developers to rapidly upskill at the pace their work demands.

“Our developers and business analysts are both hefty users in terms of time and the volume of courses they consume,” says the IT leader. “If our developers are in the middle of something and don’t know how to continue, they’ll access Udemy, learn the skills they need, and then get back to work. They use it in a really dynamic way.”

This approach allows developers to rapidly gain the skills needed to prepare for the company’s upcoming pipeline of projects, ensuring there’s no schedule delays. If, for instance, the company knows its next few projects will rely heavily on React development, a process to create user interfaces using the React JavaScript library, employees can quickly and easily brush up on their skills in that area.

Importantly, management can see exactly how they’re approaching that self-learning journey thanks to data from Udemy’s Skill Insights Dashboard which helps businesses gain visibility into their employees’ skills, interests, and performance.

“When it came to React development, I could see that eight users took an average of 4.5 hours’ worth of React courses over the last month,” shares the IT leader. “That’s eight people going in and really quickly brushing up on the skills they need so they’re ready for the next challenge.”

Udemy’s Skill Insights Dashboard plays a vital role in management’s ability to see the impact Udemy has on the whole organization. Each quarter, the Head of IT is able to access data on unallocated licenses, average user times, and most popular disciplines.

“Those dashboards enable me to talk to the management teams and say, ‘I have this universe of data points, what’s important to you?’,” he says. “It means we can get the most from our investment because I can ensure our licenses are being used, and management can view how people are developing their skills and in what areas.”

Ultimately, Udemy Business provides a trusted and easily accessible skill-based learning platform that means developers and business analysts can attack their goals in a structured and intuitive way — knowing that the time they spend will pay dividends.

“With the resources Udemy has, we’re not stuck sifting through billions of pieces of web-sourced content without really knowing if it’s high-quality or not,” explains the IT leader. “I know every hour our people spend learning on Udemy will add skill levels back into our work.”

As well as helping to upskill its developers, Udemy Business helps the Life Insurance Company refine the softer skills required in the modern workplace, providing Learning Paths for important topics like social justice, diversity, inclusion, and racial equality.

In mid-2020, these issues were a focal point in American society. Accordingly, the company had already recognized the need to help employees learn about new social norms and develop the knowledge and skills that make them better colleagues and allies.

To this end, the company created diversity, equity, and inclusion Learning Paths in Udemy Business, helping employees explore unfamiliar topics and discover new ways to make each other feel valued while respecting individual differences.

“That is something that, from an awareness and learning focus, our entire enterprise acknowledges the importance of,” says the IT leader. “Yes, work is important, but the level of diversity we have in our organization means there’s always work to do in this area.”

I know every hour our people spend learning on Udemy will add skill levels back into our work.
Head of IT Management

A tool for continuous change

The Life Insurance Company’s development team has discovered Udemy Business to be an invaluable transformational tool for upskilling its people at the pace of change and making these important adjustments to company culture.

“The way the content is kept current and relevant, the access to detailed data and simple dashboards, and the relationship we have with the service team have all made this a great experience,” exclaims the IT Leader. “If you had to ask me how I’d recommend this on a scale of 1-10, it would be a ten-plus. The employees in my department refuse to accept not having access to Udemy’s top quality content — and they are tough customers to please.”

If you had to ask me how I’d recommend this on a scale of 1-10, it would be a ten-plus. The employees in my department refuse to accept not having access to Udemy’s top quality content — and they are tough customers to please.
Head of IT Management

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