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How Lyft Gets Employees the Skills They Need and Ensures Engagement with the Whole Company

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Scaled Onboarding Program

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Headquartered in San Francisco, Lyft is a ride sharing service that matches drivers with passengers. Focused on community, affordability, and convenience, Lyft’s iconic pink mustaches can be seen in many major US cities.

Strategic Investing in Training and Education

For fast-growing Lyft, ramping up new employees is a key priority, but getting budget for training and education was a challenge if there was no clear ROI. New workers come in with different skillsets and it was tough to know how much to spend, what skillsets to train on, and how all roles fit together. Lyft used to run a half-day in-person training for new managers, then let them loose without a plan for ongoing education – for them or subordinates.

Head of people operations Lisa-Maree Wallace knew they needed a focused, comprehensive solution to revamp and scale the onboarding process, and give all employees, not just managers, the opportunity to grow professionally through self-selected classes.

Breaking Down Silos

Udemy Business helped break down the silos in Lyft’s organization, where people may not understand what other teams do, and show how everyone can work toward a common goal. Lyft uses Udemy Business to provide custom-built instruction on improving each role’s job performance, and learn how other teams operate. Some marketers sign up to learn how to code, for example, and some engineers are learning project management.

Now all employees can access the Udemy Business curriculum. Managers use it as a tool to grow their teams, assigning certain classes to facilitate growth and acquire diverse skillsets. New hires get an onboarding platform to build from, and managers can document what everyone is learning. Lyft even plans to record all-hands meetings and big announcements to make them available for anytime access.

As part of the expanded Lyft University, employees who take Udemy Business classes are now offered awards to help drive excitement and adoption of the program. Lisa-Maree feels that companies tend to forget about providing perks to employees to keep the workforce happy and engaged. For Lyft, it’s a great way to keep ongoing education and long- term professional development and retention top of mind for managers and employees alike.

Head of people operations Lisa-Maree Wallace knew they needed a focused, comprehensive solution to revamp and scale the onboarding process.

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