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Skills Verification Is the Future of Talent Management

LP Graphic_23UBCON298_Snapshot – Signaling Technical Skills Acquisition Through Badging

Technical skills change fast, with the average lifespan of technical skills lasting just 2.5 years. It’s critical for organizations to prioritize skills development so that employees remain agile and stay ahead of the competition. But leaders also need assurance that the skills learning their teams are doing is resulting in deep and actionable knowledge on the job. Badges and certifications offer a credible way to verify their employees’ skills acquisition.

Employees can earn third-party badges and certifications after passing rigorous exams on in-demand skills like cloud computing, cybersecurity, and project management. As the number of employees earning certifications grows, leaders get insights into the company’s skills landscape and can take action to close future skills gaps. 

In Skills Verification is the Future of Talent Management, we look at how badges and certifications can create an agile workforce. Topics covered include:

  • What exactly is a certification badge
  • How to use certification and badging data to assess internal skills needs
  • Why certification empowers and motivates employees 
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