Leading GenAI Innovation

Preparing Leaders to Unlock the Potential of AI

Seizing the opportunities created by Generative AI is among the top priorities of almost every executive team in 2024. To be successful, they will have to overcome the hurdles that have tripped up almost 70% of the digital transformations over the last twenty years – insufficient technical skills and ineffective leadership (BCG). 

Building that new workforce capability is job one for organizations who want to get the innovation flywheel spinning.

Leaders will be at the forefront of identifying opportunities and driving successful GenAI initiatives. This course is focused on mid-level leaders to senior executives who will need to accomplish three critical tasks:

Learn. Leaders need to immerse themselves in the technology. Within the first 20 minutes of the course, learners will be dropped into a Slack environment that provides them with access to a GenAI tool. The tool aggregates more than 20 Large Language Models to provide the user with a rich exposure to the power of the technology.

Innovate. Leaders need to create processes and organizational climates where innovation flourishes. This course teaches leaders how to nurture innovation across their teams. It also provides an opportunity to capture the leaders’ ideas about how GenAI can be used at their company.

Inspire. Leaders need to inspire others to change. The course takes leaders through an approach to building compelling communications. Then they build their own messaging for a capstone presentation on a GenAI use case.

Almost 90% of employees say their leaders will be critical to the success of their GenAI initiatives. Yet, a recent study from BCG reports that 90% of leaders are still standing on the sidelines of this transformation opportunity. This program will get them into the game.


Exploring GenAI

  • Learn the conditions behind the rapid rise and promise of GenAI
  • Develop stronger intuition for how GenAI will be used to improve workforce productivity
  • Gain hands-on experience using an AI assistant that taps into the power of more than 20 GenAI models
  • Evaluate a selection of business use cases and a fast-growing supply of GenAI tools


Application Week – Search for GenAI Innovation Opportunities

  • Collaborate within breakout teams to use GenAI to execute common tasks such as designing a new product or building a new marketing campaign
  • Present results of exercises to the larger cohort


Identifying Opportunities for Innovation

  • Discover how the quantity, quality, and variety of ideas factor into building a strong innovation pipeline
  • Learn to search for innovation opportunities inside and outside the organization
  • Explore techniques for generating ideas and ways to take advantage of others’ innovations 
  • Identify and submit innovation opportunities into the cohort-based innovation tournament


Application Week – Evaluate Pipeline of Innovation Opportunities

  • Evaluate a selection of ideas in the Innovation Tournament to help filter out the top ideas 
  • Review winning ideas and ideas you proposed to choose one you want to implement
  • Dive into the “why” of your new idea and begin to describe the benefits that make the idea worth implementing


Communicating to Inspire Change

  • Learn why the failure rate of change persists at above 70% and how to beat the odds
  • Create a vision of the future that is compelling for you and your audience 
  • Use authentic leadership communication to motivate, inspire, and guide teams to big, bold, breakthrough change


Application week – Communicate GenAI Innovations

  • Follow the Leading Out Loud checklist to develop effective change messages
  • Use the GenAi Assistant to help you create a communication plan for presenting your GenAI innovation opportunity to stakeholders
  • Videotape a 1-minute pitch of your GenAI innovation opportunity message to share with peers for feedback


Download the Course Overview

Learners Will:

  • Develop knowledge about how GenAI works and how to use it
  • Build a ranked pipeline of GenAI innovation opportunities with financial and feasibility estimates
  • Create messaging and communications plans to guide transformational change through GenAI
  • Discover strategies for nurturing innovation in their organization

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Paul van der Boor

Senior Director Data Science at Prosus and Board Member of Data Science for Social Good Foundation.

Karl Ulrich

Vice Dean of Innovation and the CIBC Professor of Entrepreneurship and e-Commerce at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Christian Terwiesch

Professor of Operations and Information Management at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Dave Pottruck

Chairman of Hightower Advisors and Adjunct Faculty Member, Wharton Center for Leadership and Change Management. Led the digital transformation of Charles Schwab as CEO.

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