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Workplace Learning Trends: Lead an Organizational Culture That Reinforces Learning

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Effective learning strategy and programs are more essential than ever. To meet the complex challenges of today’s work world, including those created by remote and hybrid workplaces, business leaders have an essential role to play in helping their employees build the skills they need to reach company goals. 

But it takes more than just offering learning programs to achieve these outcomes. Learning and skills development has to be integrated with company strategy, culture, and an employee’s functional role. This strategic approach creates a clearer context that can inspire the employee to more consistently and meaningfully engage with learning opportunities. 

What learning strategies should companies consider implementing as we write the playbook for hybrid work? In this workbook, we focus on how organizations can effectively lead a culture that reinforces learning, whether teams are in the same office or in distributed spaces.

Download the workbook to learn how to build a learning organization that is reinforced through culture, including:

  • How to align learning with values
  • How to map skills to behaviors
  • How to support the learning process effectively
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