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The SMB Buyer’s Guide to Integrated Learning Solutions

For small and medium businesses (SMBs), implementing continuous workplace learning is foundational to the employee experience and their long-term success. SMBs that can keep up with the speed of technological change and drive higher levels of engagement with digital tools perform better than those that don’t, according to Deloitte

As digital tools are constantly evolving, so are the skills required to use them effectively. For companies to thrive, they must upskill their employees, ensuring a future-ready, resilient, and engaged workforce. Continuous workplace learning is more important than ever, helping prepare teams to leverage available technologies that can move the needle on growth.

What’s needed for talent development and employee engagement is an integrated approach to workplace learning that can serve all functions and levels of the organization. But how can the leaders of SMBs ensure they choose solutions that will help them meet the diverse learning needs of their employee base? 

This guide helps identify the key features and capabilities to look for when searching for the right learning provider.

In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • How to establish what capabilities matter most for your company’s needs
  • The importance of a multi-modal learning approach for employee engagement
  • The value of a learning partner that can help you build strong programs
  • Why tracking learning data is vital to the health of your programs

Learning is a fundamental strategy that enables SMBs to address some of their most significant challenges. But business leaders need to consider their company’s unique needs when building a learning program. This resource will help you decide how to select a learning solution that can deliver the right learning experience to the right employees in the right format.

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