What Not to Do When You Become a New Manager

New Manager Hazards Checklist Udemy Business

The leap into management includes exciting opportunities to lead a team and guide its success. But it may also present obstacles, as managers navigate new responsibilities like motivating a team, driving output, and keeping up with a calendar filled with meetings. It takes time, effort, and preparation to manage a team effectively. And many new managers need — and want — guidance on how to develop strong leadership skills. 

Managers might find it challenging to rein in the behaviors that helped them get promoted in the first place. Instead of getting projects done, they now need to focus on delegation, setting strategy, and meeting organizational goals. New leaders often face some typical hazards in their first few months in the role. We have created a guide to help managers identify these common struggles and learn how to overcome them. 

Whether you’re a new manager ready to excel, a leader nurturing managerial talent, or an individual contributor aspiring to management, this checklist helps identify behaviors to watch out for and tactical steps to correct them. Download What Not to Do When You Become a New Manager for insights on:

  • Avoiding burnout by resourcing your team appropriately
  • Empowering your employees rather than micromanaging them
  • The importance of connecting your team’s work to organizational objectives
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