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Globant Partners with Udemy Business to Boost L&D Strategy and Meet Its Learners’ Needs


Of workforce reallocated to better fitting roles and projects
Global languages empower employee’s learning: English, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish
Increased visibility into employees’ skills, interests, and learning


Globant is a leader in the technology industry. And in its 20 years of operation, it’s proven to be an excellent employer to its people, or ‘Globers’ — being recognized as the best company for career growth and global culture in 2023.

Post-pandemic, the company consolidated its Learning and Development (L&D) offering in a centralized LMS. By integrating Udemy Business in its L&D strategy, Globant has given its employees access to the courses they need — and want — to empower them to take control of their careers and accelerate their learning.

This strategy was implemented as part of Globant’s ‘Be Kind to Your Peers’ initiative, aligning with Globant’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion commitments, which guide and structure the company’s efforts to create a positive impact on society.

Consolidating a globalized L&D program

Globant is an international software development company that’s continually reinvented itself over the past two decades to stay ahead of the curve. Now, it’s winning awards for its innovations in the technology industry and as an employer — including the 2022 Women in Tech award for Diversity and Inclusion Employer of the Year. Besides, Globant won the Brandon Hall Group Excellence Award for their Leadership Learning strategy and implementation.

While L&D is a significant part of Globant’s toolkit to achieve this mission and empower its employees, it wasn’t always easy to centralize data, information and decision making. Teams across the company had different learning strategies, and much of the training was on-site and in-person. The 100% remote context became a challenge and an opportunity, and the company evolved and designed a global strategy to get better and more efficient results.  

Globant knew it needed to help its people stay on top of fast-changing tech trends and offer continuously relevant, more comprehensive learning resources across its organization. And the pandemic showed the company just how important it was to move its courses online and create a consolidated learning environment for everyone to use.

“Learning options were spread out across the company; there was no central system,” explains Giuliano Delle Chiaie, Learning and DEI Leader at Globant. “Instead of having consolidated information, many teams had different initiatives depending on their needs.”

There was also a need for greater communication between teams. María José Vera Estupiñán, Learning and DEI Jr Adv at Globant, explains: “We had instances where several teams had developed different learning solutions covering the same thing without realizing it.”

This communication gap also extended to how the company measured learning initiative success.“ There was not an unique way of understanding what effective learning was and how to measure its impact”, María José explains. “It was hard to consolidate Learning information, and there were some initiatives that were out of our scope.”

The pace of change in the technology industry was also a key driver for Globant to transform its L&D offering. “In this industry, technology is always accelerating,” says Giuliano. “It can be difficult to respond to these often very dynamic and fast changes, so we needed to develop a learning strategy to keep up with industry changes.”

In this industry, technology is always accelerating. It can be difficult to respond to these often very dynamic and fast changes, so we needed to develop a learning strategy to keep up with industry changes.
Giuliano Delle Chiaie
Learning and DEI Leader

Unified learning and giving people control of their development

The team focused on improving the Globant University Campus. The internal LMS was powered with AI features to promote matching with other Globers and also to recommend specific educational content according to each role. In order to keep widening the offering, the team looked at various platforms to complement the company’s learning strategy. Its need for dynamic content around technology and innovation meant Udemy Business came out on top. “Udemy Business puts us one step ahead of market changes,” explains Santos Videla, Global People Reinvention Director at Globant. “It gives us what we need to upskill and reskill our people — and that expertise is a key differentiator of what we offer our customers.” 

The company now uses Udemy business in two main ways: The first is to look at the business needs and close any skills gaps to meet those demands. This can be focused on the project level, to see if individuals working on that project need upskilling or reskilling to meet client requirements. The second, to help learners fill any gaps they may have to keep growing in their careers, and work on the skills they need to level up and progress.

“Udemy Business helps our people learn the skills they need to be more aligned to what our project, business, and clients require,” says Lucas Campos, Senior Vice President of Technology at Globant. “It gives them deeper knowledge of the areas they need to grow and it helps us ensure they’re always ready for new challenges or projects.” 

A learning solution that puts Globers’ needs first

Globant prides itself on allowing its people to develop and build the careers they want. Last year alone, more than 8% of its people moved horizontally into other projects or roles. And with Udemy Business, this has become even easier. “Learners have many options to develop their interests and explore new technologies that can help them move to other projects and opportunities,” explains Giuliano.

The data extracted from Udemy Business also helps Globant identify its workforce’s learning needs using the company’s own analytics tools. “Learners can take a self-assessment evaluation to see any skills gaps they have — and then create ‘missions’ to close these gaps,” explains María José. “Udemy Business courses form part of these ‘missions’ and help us close these development opportunities. Having the dashboards and metrics also means we have a complete view of insights like learning hours to understand what people are working on across different departments and countries.”

The combination of company-specific courses in Globant’s learning environment and technical and power-skills courses in Udemy Business means learners have greater control over their careers. They can work on the areas that will give them the most value to improve and progress.

Globant also uses Udemy Business International Collections, localized courses taught by native-speakers, to tailor learning to each individual in the company. “We’re a global company,” says Giuliano. “And although our official language is English, it’s great to have the option to train in your native language. It supports our diversity strategy for learning experiences.”

“Although most Globers learn in English, I’ve seen a lot of people choosing Spanish,” adds María José. “I’ve also seen people learning in Portuguese — and this year, our team in India has been taking advantage of a new collection of Udemy Business courses in Hindi.”

Many of Globant’s departments use Udemy Business’ Learning Paths feature to create guidelines for people working on specific projects. “If it’s your first time using Udemy Business, I think it’s great to have these Learning Paths,” explains Giuliano. “It gives people a place to start and shows them their next steps — which adds to the user experience.”

Power skills are so important for our team to deliver the best, most innovative solutions for our clients and Udemy Business’ diverse courses cover it all. We need empathetic people who can actively listen to clients and connect with team members to help them achieve the best results.
Santos Videla
Global People Integrations and Organizational Design Director

Opportunities for every learner and ongoing support from Udemy

Thanks to Udemy Business, more people can quickly and easily share resources and content across teams, giving learners greater autonomy over their development. “With different topics, languages, and methodologies, Globers can choose what they prefer,” says María José. “People really feel like they can own their career. They know Udemy Business is a tool to help them achieve their goals.”

“Our whole strategy is about looking at both the business needs and the personal interests of our people,” adds Giuliano. “Having the tools to help people develop the skills they need to carve the career they want at Globant means we can create more opportunities for our people to thrive.”

Globant has also benefited from continued support from the Udemy team. “Integrating Udemy Business with our own LMS reduced a lot of complexity. Now our people can access the training that they want and need,” says Lucas. And by integrating L&D data, Globant can ensure its people are always in the right role and with the right skills to offer the best solutions for clients.

“It’s a real partnership,” María José explains. “We have bi-weekly meetings with Udemy to go through detailed L&D reports and new strategy considerations. They have the flexibility to adapt to our needs — and that’s crucial for us as a learning team.”

Udemy Business puts us one step ahead of market changes. It gives us what we need to upskill and reskill our people — and that expertise is a key differentiator of what we offer our customers
Santos Videla
Global People Integrations and Organizational Design Director

Personalized learning for today and tomorrow

After its initial success with Udemy Business, Globant plans to expand its platform use and explore even more of its features.

“Globant has made Udemy Business a key part of its future strategy,” says Giuliano. “And we want to keep building on that to give everyone at the company a personalized learning experience.”

“We’re actually trialing Udemy Business Pro right now — which has some really cool features,” María José explains. “It will mean Globers can put more of their knowledge into practice and give them even more ways to learn.”  

Globant sees its L&D offering as a key growth tool, and plans to continue using it to support its people in being the best they can be, well into the future. “We have a broader L&D offering than ever before,” says Lucas. “Having a tool like Udemy Business that supports training in so many different areas —with multiple angles— helps us to keep growing and compliments our learning strategy.”

“Our excellent partnership with Udemy Business delivers content, innovation, and collaboration. And we hope to scale it in the future,” adds Santos.

We’re a global company. And although our official language is English, it’s great to have the option to train in your native language. It supports our diversity strategy for learning experiences.
Giuliano Delle Chiaie
Learning and DEI Leader
Integrating Udemy Business with our own LMS reduced a lot of friction. Now our people can access the training that they want and need.
Lucas Campos
Senior Vice President of Technology