The GenAI Transformation: Perspectives on Leadership

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Generative AI is likely to have a greater impact on how we work than any other recent phenomenon. This means that no other topic today is more pivotal for today’s leaders. Leadership teams will be critical to the success of GenAI initiatives and to creating a return on the investments their companies are making to implement GenAI.

To measure how leaders are meeting the challenge of generative AI initiatives in their organizations, we launched a public survey in January 2024 that gathered more than 2,500 responses from employees across industries, levels of seniority, and company sizes. We asked for their perspectives on the role of their leadership team in navigating through GenAI transformation. In particular, we sought responses on how their leaders are stacking up with the expectations of their employees when it comes to some common behaviors critical to successful generative AI initiatives. 

We dive into the survey findings in this report, looking at the overall and segmented data results to shed light on how employees in today’s organizations are thinking about what they need from their leaders when it comes to generative AI.

In particular, we measured employee responses to:

  • Importance: The importance of effective leadership for the success of GenAI initiatives
  • Readiness: How ready employees think their leaders are to bring their organization through GenAI transformation
  • Confidence: How confident employees are that their leadership team can make GenAI transformation a competitive advantage
  • Communication: How well leadership teams are communicating their company’s GenAI strategies or initiatives to employees
  • Risk management: How well equipped employees think their leaders are to manage the ethical issues and risks of implementing GenAI
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