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Manager Essentials: Providing Feedback to Develop Value-Based Behaviors

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A company’s values represent its guiding principles for doing business, achieving its mission, and reaching its goals. While values should act as the foundation for how employees behave, it’s often not clear to them how best to embody their organization’s values at work. Leaders can help their teams align with company values by identifying the everyday behaviors that demonstrate those values and encouraging that behavior through consistent and ongoing feedback. 

Connecting company values to specific, observable behaviors helps establish practical ways to demonstrate those values and achieve business goals. Download our workbook to discover a three-pronged approach to using feedback to develop employee behaviors that align with your company’s values.

In Manager Essentials: Providing Feedback to Develop Value-Based Behaviors, you’ll learn how to:

  • Offer feedback using the Situation Behavior Impact (SBI) framework 
  • Connect behaviors to your company’s values and your employees’ work
  • Ask coaching questions to avoid prescribing specific actions
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