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Leading the Way: GenAI Conversations

Alan Todd

VP, Leadership Development, Udemy

Molly McKinstry

VP, North American Sales, Udemy

Hassan Osman

Top Leadership & Management Udemy Instructor

Henry Habib

Udemy Instructor with over 700k students

This on-demand webinar dives deep into GenAI, giving you the knowledge to transform your business and mitigate risks. We’ve compiled the top questions from attendees and had our expert panel answer them directly.

In diesem Webinar erfährst du:

  • Hear what your peers around the globe are curious about when it comes to GenAI.
  • Understand the latest GenAI trends and their impact on your business with Udemy instructor, Henry Habib.
  • Learn practical strategies for GenAI implementation from Udemy instructor, Hassan Osman.
  • Discover how HR and L&D leaders are using GenAI for success with Molly McKinstry, VP of North American Sales at Udemy.

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