Live-Webinar – So nutzt du das volle Potenzial deiner Mehrgenerationen-Belegschaft


GenAI in Action: Enabling a More Innovative and Strategic Workforce at Booz Allen [On-Demand]

The advent of groundbreaking GenAl tools in talent management is gaining momentum in reshaping organizational strategies. According to a recent Gartner study, 76% of HR leaders agree they will lag in organizational success if they do not adopt and implement GenAI within 12 to 24 months. A crucial question arises as we navigate through 2024: How does using GenAl technology and skills transform our learning and talent management approaches? Additionally, we will address the crucial question of how to prepare our workforce to embrace the potential of AI. As organizations embrace GenAI, ensuring the workforce can harness its capabilities becomes paramount. Whether you are in the early stages of adopting GenAI or exploring ways to maximize its potential, this conversation is tailored for you.

Join us for an engaging dialogue featuring Melissa Daimler, Chief Learning Officer of Udemy, in conversation with Jim Hemgen, Principal and Director of Talent Development from Booz Allen. Gain exclusive insights into Booz Allen’s pioneering approach to leveraging GenAl to redefine talent processes for a future-thinking workforce. Don’t miss out on this illuminating discussion that promises to challenge your perspective on how GenAl can help you become more innovative.

In diesem Webinar erfährst du:

  • Learn best practices and leadership lessons for integrating GenAI into your learning and talent processes
  • Learn best approaches for fostering collaboration and communication within teams leveraging GenAI technologies
  • Hear examples of GenAI use cases and benefits from a seasoned leader
  • Address the essential question of how to prepare the workforce to embrace the potential of AI in the evolving landscape

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