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70% of Ellation Employees Find that Udemy Directly Contributes to Their Skills Development

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Increase in employee engagement around L&D in 2 years
Increase in Ellation employee Net Promoter Score

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Headquartered in San Francisco and founded in 2015, Ellation (formerly Crunchyroll) is a digital media startup that builds next generation video experiences and brings great content like anime to passionate audiences on the platforms that matter. Growing by 17% in 2016 and over 70% in 2017, Ellation is redefining the next wave of media interaction and consumption.


Battling Employee Disengagement

Despite its successful growth, Ellation faced critical inflection points throughout its history: two acquisitions, a 3x growth in headcount, and declining engagement scores in the span of 3 years. These activities presented new business challenges that the leadership team knew it needed to address quickly. Desiree Therianos, Head of People Ops, and her team looked to Udemy during these critical times.

Declining employee engagement scores

Internal engagement scores declined as the company continued to scale its headcount.

Integrating newly acquired technical teams

Ellation’s acquisition of an Eastern European Engineering team resulted in the need to close the gap between different coding languages, processes, and ways of working across geographies.

Unfulfilled employees

Employees felt unfulfilled with a lack of personal growth opportunities.

With our fast growth, limited budget and the internal demand for professional development, we needed a learning platform that could scale with us.
Desiree Therianos
Head of People Ops at Ellation

Improving Net Promoter Score

Immediately after launching Udemy in 2015, Ellation saw improvements in employee engagement. 70% of employees agreed that Udemy directly contributed to their skills development. Internal employee engagement around learning and development has increased by over 18% in just 2 years.

Moldova and San Francisco teams leveraged Udemy courses in Golang, MySQL, Jira, and Amazon Web Services to enable technical teams to collaborate more effectively together.

Udemy is a popular resource for employees interested in building their professional skill set and making internal career moves. This has resulted in an improvement in their employee NPS score, which increased from -18 in 2016 to 0 in 2017. (NPS is on a scale of -100 to 100.)

“I had always been interested in software development, but never knew where to start. Through Udemy, I was able to learn how to code with literally no technical knowledge! After learning iOS development, I helped with the Ellation iOS redesign, which is now being used by millions of people. It’s been incredibly fulfilling to build skills in a field I’ve always been interested in and see its impact through my projects at work,” says Robert Avellar Customer Service Rep and contributing iOS Developer at Ellation.

Making the case for L&D with Udemy Business

With Udemy, Ellation has successfully built an internal culture of learning, bridged skills gaps, and improved the productivity and personal growth of its employees. In addition, Ellation’s People Ops team has proven the value of learning at work and is now building out a dedicated L&D team to take internal learning to the next level.

I started to use Udemy last summer to take courses on React and Redux (frontend libraries for JavaScript) and Golang (a backend language). The instructors were very qualified and easy to understand. Udemy has bridged the technical barrier between our teams and enabled us to work better together.
Ilie Circiumaru
A Moldova-based Full Stack Developer at Ellation

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