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How to Upskill Your Tech Teams: A Guide to Certifications

Preview of How to Upskill Your Tech Teams: A Guide to Certifications

Technical skills certifications are essential in an environment where technology is changing at an unprecedented rate, and tech leaders need to continually upskill their teams to keep up. This is particularly true because of a shortage of workers with in-demand tech skills and many companies fighting for the same talent.

One of the major keys to IT success is engaging and retaining the professionals you have, by providing opportunities for those professionals to learn new skills. They need to constantly update and enhance their skills to perform at the highest level, and encouraging them to earn certifications related to those skills will validate their knowledge.

This guide will highlight the value of IT certifications for both organizations and their employees. We’ll also show you the most in-demand certifications today, and give you tips for developing skills and achieving certification.

In this guide, you’ll learn the importance of certification training for technical employees, including:

  • How IT certifications are important for both organizations and their employees
  • The most valuable certifications in critical technical categories
  • Keys to team success in developing skills and achieving certification
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