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Leading Through GenAI Transformation: Setting your vision and communicating with confidence

Alan Todd

VP, Leadership Development

Karen Fascenda

Chief People Officer

Prasad Raje

Chief Product Officer

Leaders must understand not only the tremendous potential of AI technologies but also how to empower employees with related GenAI skills and offer a roadmap of how to use these skills in their roles.

This is a can’t-miss session for leaders who see the urgency of GenAI skills, and want some help navigating the path forward and fostering positive sentiment of AI in the workplace. It’s up to leaders to present a clear vision and employ a thoughtful communication plan. Join our Udemy panelists Prasad Raje, Chief Product Officer, and Karen Fascenda, Udemy Chief People Officer, with moderator Alan Todd, VP of Leadership Development, as they discuss how Udemy and many of its customers are preparing employees for the GenAI revolution.

Many employees are fearful about the effects GenAI will have on their jobs and careers. Our experts will share what leaders can do to calm those fears and highlight the competitive advantages of using GenAI in daily work.


  • Take a look at recent Udemy data on the status of GenAI initiatives in the workplace
  • Get practical tips to embrace GenAI skills across your organization
  • Hear insights into what employees need from their leaders to successfully learn and leverage GenAI
  • Learn how to bolster employee confidence when rolling out GenAI initiatives and development programs