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Embedding DEI Across Your Organization

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When it comes to DEI in the workplace, most employees are already on board. Eighty-one percent of workers view DEI initiatives as beneficial to their organizations. But there’s a substantial gap between this widely held belief and the specific actions companies are taking to support it. With job openings and voluntary employee departures at record highs, companies can’t afford to ignore DEI if they want to attract and retain top talent. 

Employees are looking for leadership to show accountability for DEI efforts and show real connections between company talk and company action. But committing to DEI requires more investment than a one-off initiative or point-in-time set of actions.

HR and L&D leaders have a momentous opportunity to build DEI into every facet of their companies in long-lasting ways. With this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • How DEI has evolved recently and what it means today
  • Steps you can take to infuse DEI into your recruiting and hiring processes
  • Why DEI practices should extend throughout the employee experience 
  • How DEI can also inform your products, services, and relationships with customers

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